CompSolvers Services


Getting You Started

After consulting with you and determining your needs, we can come to your home or business, unpack your new computer, set it up for you, and install software or hardware. We can show you how to use your new computer, surf the Internet, send and receive E-mail, attach or download E-mail files, and much more. At CompSolvers, our goal is to make YOU comfortable with your new computer. If you need further help, we offer additional tutorial services at reasonable rates.

Trouble Shooting, Repair & Upgrades

CompSolvers will give you peace of mind. Our dedicated staff of advisors are here for you when you need us! Should something go wrong with your hardware or software, or you are feeling a little overwhelmed,  No Problem! We can get you turned around in no time. We are available 24 hours a day by telephone or E-mail. Don't PANIC! We can solve these issues for you! One of our main objectives is to attempt repair before we recommend replacing anything in an ongoing effort to save you money.


Do you have multiple computers and desire the ability to share the same internet connection or devices such as printers?  Do you have a network currently installed in your home or office that is not working properly?  In most cases some configuration changes are all it will take to get your current network up to speed.  Consult with us today regarding your networking needs. Let us help you stay up with technology as your needs change. CompSolvers is skilled and experienced at installing and trouble shooting networks.

ADSL Installation and Trouble Shooting

CompSolvers can now assist you in getting your DSL or AOL PLUS DSL connected, trouble shoot DSL problems for existing DSL customers, and be your liaison with your DSL service provider during extended repair issues that may arise during your usage of DSL services. Contact CompSolvers today for more information regarding high speed internet.

Personal Web Page Creation and Hosting

At CompSolvers, our staff of professionals is prepared to create a quality personal home page for you.  Not only will we create it, but we can host it on our virtual hosting servers ( Details about web hosting plans that start at under $10.00 per month can be found on the Web Hosting Plans link. Personal web pages have multiple uses.  You can post your resume, your business services, or your organization's activities.  You can have a personal or family page. Whatever your reason, we can show you how to get yourself or your business out there.  Please take a moment and browse our Portfolio link for some past projects.  Contact CompSolvers and consult one of our highly skilled web design professionals today.

Telephone Wiring & Additional Jacks

Have you ever found that you did not have enough phone jacks in your home or office, or thought how nice it would be to have a phone jack in an area that would be more convenient to you such as the kids room, your home office area, the family room or den? CompSolvers can run additional wiring to your existing phone lines and install the jacks. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment.

Custom built computer systems

Are you considering a newer, faster, and affordable computer system for your home or office?  CompSolvers now offers custom designed systems to meet your home or office needs.  One of our trained consultants can listen to your needs, find out just what is important to you, and put together a complete system package to fit any need.  In the last year CompSolvers has built many new systems for our clients at a very low cost.  If you are interested in an extremely fast, brand new, low cost, custom designed to fit your needs system, contact us today and find out what options are available.  The cost of new systems is way down, so why wait!  Write to us or call today!


** Each system is custom built. Typical delivery time is less than 4 days.

if you do not see the specific service listed that best fits your needs, ask us. We can do many things for you. At CompSolvers, if we do not know the answer, we will find the answer for you and make it happen.